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Boat Helm

“Every time I go out on the water I learn something new.”


With over 30 years in the marine industry I have been fortunate to gain a wide array of practical knowledge regarding all aspects of boating.  The training I can offer can be as simple as a new owner needing help with small vessel manuevering to learning how to successfully operate modern navigational hardware and so much more.  More insurance companies are requiring some training with a new vessel purchase and others will offer discounts with completed training.  The most important thing I can try to provide my clients with is confidence in their own ability while onboard.

Sailing Rope
On a Speedboat

Areas of Focus

  • Vessel Operation

  • Close Quarter Manuevering & Docking

  • Basic Navigation & Etiquette

  • Anchoring

  • Modern Marine Electronics

  • Engine Systems (operation & maintenance)

  • Basic Electrical & Basic Plumbing

  • Onboard Safety & First Aid

  • Learn the Basics of Fishing

  • Vessel Trailering & Launching

  • Vessel Cleaning and Maintenance

Training is typically provided by the hour on the client’s vessel.  Couples, children, or others are welcome to participate.  Please contact with any questions.

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