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Motor Boat

“What is a charter?”  I get asked about charters all the time.  Below are some of the most common questions with a brief answer.  Please feel free to reach out and I will be glad to go into further detail.



FAQ’s regarding Charters

Fishing Boat


A charter can last from as short as an hour to months depending on what you are hiring a captain/crew for.

Luxury Motor Yacht


The vessel being used on a charter may be personally owned, rented, or provided by a third party.

Empty Kayaks


Activities that a captain/crew can be hired for can vary greatly; Vacations, Fishing, Sunset Cruise, Training, etc.

Fishing Boat


Typically the vessel’s policy will cover the hired captain/crew but always check with your provider first.

Clean Boat


For short term charters the rate is typically hourly.  For longer contracts a weekly or monthly rate is applicable.

Motor Boat


A licensed captain is legally responsible for everyone onboard.  While underway they are in charge.

Woman Traveller

As your Charter Captain

Job Responsibilities

  • Ultimate safety for passengers, crew, environment and vessel

  • Achieving owner's objectives

  • Crew hiring and dismissal

  • Personnel management

  • Shipyard/project management

  • Legal and regulatory compliance

  • Navigation

  • Accounting


  • Calm and charismatic personality

  • Superior leadership, communication, management and diplomacy skills

  • Excellent boat handling and navigational skills

  • Excellent maintenance, engineering and technical / troubleshooting experience

  • Ability to remain calm and give directions in an emergency situation

  • Organized and methodical

  • Financial management


  • New build experience

  • Experienced in Eastern U.S, Bahamas and Caribbean cruising areas  

  • Experienced on a variety of power and sailing vessels.

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